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Eleanor Singer

Born 1999, Torrance, California

Lives and works in Los Angeles, California


BA University of California, Berkeley

May, 2021

Major in Art Practice, Focus in Digital and 3D Arts
Minor in History of Art, Focus on Protest Art and Radical Visual Acts

AA Santa Monica College

June, 2019

Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts, Arts and Humanities

Associate of Arts for Transfer in Studio Art

Associate of Arts for Transfer in Art History



Eleanor Singer is a digital media artist who works with digital photography, photo-manipulation, digital illustration, 3D software and video editing software. Exhibiting in group shows in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, and Berkeley, California, and Athens, Greece since 2018, she has (since the Covid-19 pandemic) continued to participate in online exhibitions and publications. In 2021 she was awarded the Lauren Krikorian Award through the University of California Berkeley and used the award to fund a printed and video installation of her ongoing series of works, Abstract Digital Imagery, shown at the Pancakes and Booze Art Show and online. She is currently based in Los Angeles, California and is continuing to make work from her home studio.


Artist Statement

When I first started creating my digital works, Abstract Digital Imagery, they were the product of a relationship between a photograph and its pixels. Through a process of selective editing of the photograph onto itself–pushing and pulling pixels to manipulate them into abstract representations of the original photograph–I was bending the reality of the photograph. As this aspect of my work has evolved and I have expanded my range of proficiency in digital softwares, 3D rendered videos have allowed me to break into a new reality (literally). Using a combination of my abstract digital images to produce an ambiance for my uncanny 3D rendered worlds, I can explore my interests in perception, specifically, digital representations of reality. Learning from other artists who work with digital media both in process and production, like Julie Mehretu and Jacolby Satterwhite, blending the perception of realities in their work, I pushed further into the re-creation of reality through digital means in combination with heavy editing. 


My current projects are focused around the arrangement of daily motions that due to the Covid-19 pandemic have been limited to a single living space. The digital representation of that reality is repetitive and inescapable, in my work, Motions, a 3D rendered video that continuously loops, the day is suspended yet unending, mirroring the infinite scroll, largely used by social media platforms, from which I derived the basis of my concept around digital representation of reality. Most of my influences for making my artwork, and my interest in digital media as a whole, comes from living in an age of social media, where reality is contested by selective digital perceptions for however long I am scrolling through it, posting on it, or other ways in which I am feeding the algorithm. In turn, by making digital perceptions of reality that are disorienting and abstract while also containing recognizable iconography, I aim to blur the boundaries between reality and its digital representation. My work surrounds a narrative of perceivable events through the existence of an unreal happening created in a digital world with the uncanny familiarity of recognizable subjects.

Exhibitions/Group Shows/Pop-ups

Pancakes and Booze Art Show, Catch One, April 22, 2022

Pancakes and Booze Art Show, Public Works SF, March 26, 2022

Pancakes and Booze Art Show, Lot 631, Nov. 19, 2021

HomeStudio, Worth Ryder Art Gallery (Exhibition in Print), May 2021

Soundscapes,, Launched May 2021

Covidiary, Do(not) by Eleanor Singer,, Launched May 2020

Lights That See Us,, Launched May 2020

A Disrupted Plan, Worth Ryder Art Gallery, May 2020 [Canceled, Covid-19]

Flux in Chroma, Pete & Susan Barrett Art Gallery, June 2019

13th Annual Santa Monica Airport ArtWalk, March 2019

Annual Student Art Show, Pete & Susan Barrett Art Gallery, May 2019

Portraits, Blank Wall Gallery, March 2019

Pancakes and Booze Art Show and Zombie Fashion Show, Catch One, Nov. 3, 2018

Annual Student Art Show, Pete & Susan Barrett Art Gallery, May 2018

Awards and Scholarships

Lauren Krikorian Award, May 17, 2021

Berkeley Scholarship, Fall 2020 - Spring 2021

The Ron Davis Award, June 8, 2019 

Work Experience in the Arts

Aug. 2019 - Dec. 2019

Gallery Internship, Worth Ryder Art Gallery (Platform Art Space)

June 2018 - June 2019

Teacher’s Assistant, Santa Monica College

Aug. 2015 - Nov. 2018

Graphic Designer, South High School Marching Band


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